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10 Jewelry Brands to Follow on Instagram

10 Jewelry Brands to Follow on Instagram

Amarilo Jewelry Instagram

Need a daily dose of inspiration on your phone? Look no further than these stylish brands. 










  1. Vrai & Oro: This minimalist brand follows a similar aesthetic on their Instagram feed—clean and simple. If you enjoy small ring stacks and stud earrings you’ll appreciate their light-filled photos.  

  2. Anita Ko: A healthy dose of very sparkly diamonds PLUS shots of Anita’s celebrity fans rocking her pieces. 

  3. Logan Hollowell Jewelry: Logan’s feed inspires almost unbearable levels of FOMO—you’ll want to book a flight to the destinations in their feed as much as you’ll want to buy the jewelry. 

  4. Fallon Jewelry: Your one-stop-shop for choker inspiration at the moment.

  5. Jennie Kwon Designs: Look no further for unique engagement rings and gorgeous ring stacks. 

  6. Stone & Strand: Technically Stone & Strand is an NYC-based shop, not a jewelry brand, but their selection and on point photography are worth a follow. 

  7. Dylanlex Jewelry: Filled with MAJOR statement necklaces and arm parties, Dylanlex is a must follow for anyone who can’t get enough of bib necklaces. 

  8. Amarilo: Surprisingly sexy layers of necklaces and delicate body chains.

  9. Anna Sheffield and Bing Bang NYC: The designer’s high end and diffusion lines are both favorites—the former for her asymmetrical wedding bands, and the latter for their younger, more tongue-in-cheek attitude. 

  10. Luv AJ: Closeups of the cool girl brand’s pieces and the models that wear them.  

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